Interior Design Services

How I can help

Image of contemporary black chairs with pink throws and zebra rug

Susie’s background combines a breadth of professional experience, specialized training, and highly developed client intuition.

Creative, dynamic, project-oriented and versatile, with key skills in:

  • Color, texture, space analysis and integration
  • Relationship building ¬†
  • Event planning and coordination
  • Style guidance/mentoring
  • Research
  • Cost and time management
  • Quality assurance
  • Sales and marketing¬†
  • Client support + education
  • Merchandising and visual display

Vendor Sourcing

Image of a bathroom staged with hand towels and accessories by Susie BuchananFinding the perfect products for each client and situation is so important in the equation of good design. The products selected must fit functionality of the space, the budget and the desired look that we are going to achieve.

Being in the interior design field for 20 years and bin affiliated with the design organizations, have helped to build an incredible library of vendors and design resources. I am always proud to use these fabulous associates which helps to give me the back-up and credibility that is needed in my field of expertise.


Having worked in retail sales, and teaching over many years, mentoring comes second nature to me. I know building a strong and trusting relationship with my clients means making you feel comfortable and confident in your decision making. It is a large part of the design process.

Once I have gained your confidence, I am able to become your team mate, making you feel good about yourself, as well as your decisions that we make together.


Image of a kitchen island staged by Susie Buchanan with a ceramic rooster and place settingOften, I am hired as a consultant to assess what is necessary to achieve certain design goals. Usually, one thing leads to another, but so often an initial assessment helps to provide a plan of action, budget talks and a thorough evaluation of all aspects of the project. This is a great way to help my clients focus and at the same time answer any questions you may have before committing to the project.